Aquaculture and Fish Processing

Aquaculture and Fish Processing

Department Of Aquaculture and Fish Processing

The Department of Aquaculture was launched in 1994, as a part of the Golden jubilee of college to meet the increasing demand for well qualified and trained technical managers required by the Aquaculture industry. Since its inception, the department has been offering a postgraduate diploma in Aquaculture .M.Sc. Aquaculture and Fish Processing, a four-semester (two years) job oriented P.G. course started in 2004. It is a self-financing course in which the students are given on-the-job training in various seafood processing plants and aquaculture farms in order to equip them for employment as successful researchers, managers and supervisors.


The course enables to provide a highly motivated and learned society of aquaculturists and fish processors within the limit of national and international regulation.


Transforming an enlightened society towards a broad development of aquaculture there by becoming a participant in the food security of the nation. Develop a code of conduct for the manufacture of quality aquatic foods conforming to national and international standards. The students at the commencement of the course are given the significance of the course in the national background which urges them to pursue a higher level of knowledge in the respective course.


Abu Dhabi


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