Aquaculture and Fish Processing

E-Contents: Aquaculture

Sl No: Topic Name Document
1 Breeding of Fresh water Ornamental fishes Dr. Anna Mercy
2 Disease treatment Dr. Anna Mercy
3 Guppy breeding Dr. Anna Mercy
4 Importance of Ornamental fish culture Dr. Anna Mercy
5 Induced breeding Ms. Leena Raphael
6 Sea cucumber Ms. Leena Raphael
7 Taxonomy Order- Clupeiformes Ms. Litty Mary
8 Taxonomy Order- Digestive system of shrimp Ms. Litty Mary
9 Biochemistry Nutrition of Fin fish and Shell fish Anti nutritional factor Ms. Sangeetha K R
10 Culture of Crustaceans,Seaweeds and Fisheries Technology Shrimp Diseases Ms. Sangeetha K R
11 Transportation of fish seeds Ms. Sangeetha K R