MSc. Aquaculture

This is a four-semester course which is multidisciplinary with compulsory commercial internship and project work. In addition to the theoretical studies and internship, they are required to work on scientific projects as part of the course. They are also given training in entrepreneurship to become self-employed.

The intake of students is 20. The postgraduates of Aquaculture and Fish Processing find suitable and attractive placements in Research Institutions, Government Agencies, shrimp/fish farms/ and fish processing industry in the public and private sector.

Syllabus and Curriculum

Short term training programmes

In addition to this, we are also conducting regular short term training programmes for entrepreneurs in ornamental fish culture and fish processing technology.

Certificate course in Aquarium science and ornamental fish culture

The Department is also offering a three months certificate course on ‘Aquarium Science and ornamental fish culture’ from this year onwards.